Trust Accounting

Prometa performs the following Trust Accounting functions

  • Process all orders for sale or redemption of shares of the Fund
  • Calculate the appropriate sales, redemption or transfer charge, for each purchase, redemption or transfer of shares
  • Determine redemption or transfer charge payable to the dealer and determine the portion of each such charge payable to the Manager;
  • Provide standard confirmations for all purchases and redemptions of shares
  • Provide statements to shareholders summarizing all activity in shareholders’ accounts
  • Prepare tax receipts, information slips, forms and summaries
  • Maintain, report and prepare applicable tax credit information and tax receipts for registered labour sponsored investment fund corporations
  • Act as redemption paying agent and distribution disbursing agent for the Fund. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, or electronic funds transfer. Prometa will:
    • Withhold any taxes which may be required
    • Make reports with respect to such payments
    • Maintain and reconcile a cheque register for each cheque issued
    • Issue new cheques in place of originals which have been lost, destroyed or stolen provided that an agreement of indemnity satisfactory to Prometa is submitted
    • Destroy cancelled cheques after an appropriate period after the date of cancellation
  • Provide information to shareholders, brokers and dealers, including responding to inquiries and providing copies of shareholder confirmations and statements of account
  • Administer all systematic purchase and withdrawal plans offered by the Fund
  • Provide information to the Manager in connection with any existing or new shareholder account


Use the FundSERV network to facilitate N$M payments for redemptions, trailers, commissions, etc. Depositing of subscription cheques, and administering PAC and payroll deduction plans.

Financial Reporting

Support for annual/semi-annual financial statement preparation.

What customers are saying

  • Invico Capital Corporation (“Invico”) has been working with Prometa Fund Services Inc. (“Prometa”) since 2008.  At the time, we made the decision to work with Prometa as they are also a Western based, entrepreneurial company and we felt that they could help Invico meet the needs of servicing our investors.  Invico has been extremely pleased with the quality of service that we have received from Prometa over the past seven years.  Prometa is very responsive to our needs and is able to customize their services to ensure our needs are met in the most efficient and cost effective manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend Prometa to other organizations that are looking for fund services.

    Allison Taylor, CEO, Invico Capital Corporation

  • Prometa Fund Services has been instrumental in expanding our sales network. The staff is professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of FundSERV and the fund industry. Since launching Magenta III Mortgage Investment Corporation on the FundSERV network we’ve experienced substantial growth. Prometa has made our FundSERV initiative a tremendous success.

    Gavin Marshall, CEO, Magenta Mortgage Corp.

  • We approached Prometa three years ago to explore the possibility of transacting our exempt market product through the FundSERV platform.  Working with Prometa has allowed us to expand our distribution network, improve visibility into our capital pipeline and bring structure to the subscription timeline that has benefited both us and our dealer partners.  Prometa has exceeded my expectations with their exceptional response times, professionalism and ability to successfully navigate the fast pace of change in the exempt market.

    Jon Herman, Chief Financial and Operating Officer, KV Capital Inc.

  • Prometa Fund Services Inc. has played an important role in the continuing success of the SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc. Since we began working with Prometa in 2003, we have experienced a level of service that far exceeds our prior backoffice. The fact that this service is provided to us at a cost less than our previous provider allows us to not only provide great service to our shareholders but put more dollars back in their pockets through a lower MER.

    Randy Beattie, President & CEO, SaskWorks Venture Fund Inc.