Contact Information

Prometa Fund Support Services Inc.
220-155 Carlton Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3H8
Phone: (204) 925-7781
       or (204) 925-7787
Fax: (204) 946-5992

George Asprey
President & CEO
Phone: (204)925-7781

Mike Kalic
Vice-President & COO
Phone: (204)925-7787


Company Overview

Prometa Fund Support Services Inc. is a Canadian owned back office service provider, administering $2.6 billion in assets for 65 funds and over 95,000 investor accounts including LSVCC, Hedge Funds, and Mortgage Investment Corporations (MICs). With significant industry experience, our staff is well positioned to provide your company with the quality, accuracy and commitment you demand. We are knowledgable about all aspects of the Investment Fund industry.

Prometa is a full service fund support provider and we are 100% FundSERV compliant. With our unique online sales reports, we provide tools for our clients that assist them in making their fund a success. Whether your fund is a start-up or is looking to switch providers, our flexibility allows us to administer back office services to funds of all sizes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide back office fund support at the highest level of efficiency and accuracy resulting in reduced costs for our clients. We consider ourselves to be the premier back office service provider in Canada. At Prometa, we work with our clients to provide top quality fund support at a much lower cost than our competitors.

Fund Start-ups

Our staff can easily guide you to having your fund available on the FundSERV network in as little as 3 weeks.

Existing Fund Conversions

If you are not happy with your current back office, make the switch to Prometa! We have successfully completed conversions from many of the larger fund administrators. Let us show you why Prometa is becoming well-known in the industry. Our excellent customer service is accentuated by our customizable software and knowledgeable staff.

If you are hesitant about converting out of your current back office provider due to anticipated high conversion costs, no need to worry. We can perform this conversion free of any charges. Additionally, we can assist in recouping some of your conversion-out costs as well.

Our Management Team

George Asprey, President & CEO

George Asprey co-founded Prometa Fund Support Services in November, 2006, as President he is responsible for sales and strategic direction for the company.

George has 23 years experience in the field of Information Technology with eight years in a supervisory or management role. George started his I.T. career in the Airline industry and after several years moved to the Grain industry starting with logistics software development and ultimately futures and options trading and brokerage services. After a number of years in the Grain industry, George moved into managing Information Technology staff in the Mutual Fund industry and went on to also managing Shareholder Services staff.

Mike Kalic, Vice-President & COO

Mike is a founding partner of Prometa Fund Support Services Inc. Mike holds the position of Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer. He is responsible for the day to day operations of the company, along with being the primary contact for FundSERV & FUNDcom.

Mike has 16 years experience in the field of Information Technology. Prior to launching Prometa, Mike worked as a Software Developer within the Manitoba financial services industry from the period of 2000-2006. He also has prior experience in the grain industry, working for a prominent Winnipeg-based grain company as a Programmer from 1998-2000.

Mike holds a Computer Programmer/Analyst Diploma (Hons.) from Red River College, which he graduated from in 1998. He also possesses a Business Administration Diploma from Red River College.

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